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FYQ: The Voices

FYQ: The Voices

30 May

The voices in my head snarl and snap. Like wolves circling around prey, they make me shake with fear as I run it out, six metres above a cluster of RP’s. Fingers uncurling, sweat stinging my eyes, I am at the mercy to the voices in my head.

  • Last Call: Win a Trip to Flatanger, Norway
    23 May

    Last Call: Win a Trip to Flatanger, Norway

    This is the last call for those who are interested in winning a one-week climbing trip to Flatanger and spending one day with the world’s best climber, Adam Ondra. All you have to do is telling us your climbing story that means a lot to you. 

  • Faith Dickey - Tasmania 2016
    06 May

    Faith Dickey - Tasmania 2016

    At some point in the history of the earth Tasmania slowly floated away from mainland Australia; taking with it a wealth of sheer cliffs, crack climbing, alpine peaks, dense forests and white sandy beaches
  • Cosmin’s review
    29 April

    Cosmin’s review

    Ropes: every climbers has an opinion on them, has favourites and good and bad stories. However, funny enough, a lot of discussion on ropes nowadays is carried on purely on specs.
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