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Cosmin’s review

Cosmin’s review

29 April
Ropes: every climbers has an opinion on them, has favourites and good and bad stories. However, funny enough, a lot of discussion on ropes nowadays is carried on purely on specs.
    28 April


    “Insatiability” (org. “Nienasycenie”) is a route that has defined 7c+ in polish sport climbing. It was the first route in this difficulty in Poland, and one of the hardest in the world that time.
  • TENDON route 2016
    19 April

    TENDON route 2016

    Send at least one of two TENDON routes on selected walls (difficulties 7+ and 9-) and compete every week (for a period of 6 weeks) for one of worth-while prizes. There will be also a draw for new Lowe 9.7 ropes once every three weeks. Competition starts on 22nd of April 2016.
  • Canyoning in solitary
    14 April

    Canyoning in solitary

    One of the sports canyoning pillars is undoubtedly the lonely, the equipment that characterizes this discipline has as main outstanding lightness, unusual parameter in play canyoning, which few give importance.