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  • Static ropes TENDON
    16 June

    Static ropes TENDON

    Climbers of the river Rosandra’s cliffs know the goodness of Tendon ropes for climbing, canyoning also know the Tendon for canyoning, us, this year, wanted to try something different, the normal static ropes, those for Vertical work, in an aquatic environment.

  • TENDON Competition
    05 March

    TENDON Competition

    Are you looking forward to a rock trip and indoor training doesn´t satisfy you? Just write an article about your own climbing experience from your favorite area, about last year´s memory of a sunny trip to the Alps, or about white hell in basecamp under the Giants.

  • TENDON and PPE at the IWA 2015
    03 March

    TENDON and PPE at the IWA 2015

    We will take part in the IWA Trade Fair in the German city of Nuremberg from 6th to 9th March for the second time this year, an exhibition with a wide range – from hunting to personal protection.
  • Falling in love with LOWE 8.4 mm
    26 February

    Falling in love with LOWE 8.4 mm

    The LOWE ropes came to my home by mail just two weeks before the planned expedition to Patagonia... I opened the parcel containing the ropes impatiently and the first thing which made me happy after opening it was the colour combination of the ropes.