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Three new ropes for 2017

15 July

 One year has passed away and the OUTDOOR trade fair in Friedrichshafen is here again, the event which all outdoor fans are boundlessly looking forward to. They walk from one exposition to another one at a relentless rate just to find out that they really need a completely new gear because it is impossible to live without all those new gadgets. This will cost a bomb again!

  • Invitation to the OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen 2016
    08 July

    Invitation to the OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen 2016

    One year has passed away and we are here again with invitation to our exposition at this famous trade fair focused on outdoor sports. As always, you can find us as a part of the Czech Village in exhibition hall B2, stand number 404. Technological solutions are getting better incessantly, offering innovated and better products. In this respect, TENDON does not lag behind.

  • FYQ: The Voices
    30 May

    FYQ: The Voices

    The voices in my head snarl and snap. Like wolves circling around prey, they make me shake with fear as I run it out, six metres above a cluster of RP’s. Fingers uncurling, sweat stinging my eyes, I am at the mercy to the voices in my head.

  • Last Call: Win a Trip to Flatanger, Norway
    23 May

    Last Call: Win a Trip to Flatanger, Norway

    This is the last call for those who are interested in winning a one-week climbing trip to Flatanger and spending one day with the world’s best climber, Adam Ondra. All you have to do is telling us your climbing story that means a lot to you. 

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