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Adam Ondra

“Born to climb”. If there is someone who can be characterized by these words, than it is surely Adam, a native of the city of Brno. He was born on 5th February 1993 and he was only twelve when he joined the world climbing elite in the menʼs category. His versatility is really admirable. This can be confirmed also by the gold that he has won in both difficulty climbing and bouldering for the year 2015. At Flatanger in Norway, he drilled, climbed and set the classification of the 9b+ route named Change, in which way he moved the human abilities in climbing one step forward again. Later he added two additional routes having the same difficulty in Spain and in the Moravian Karst to that achievement. In this way he climbed the worldʼs three and now he heads for the “cee”. Anything else being worth mentioning? Definitely OS Pure Imagination 9a and Golden Ticket 9a in the Red River Gorge in America that he reclassified to 8c+. Using the flash style, he sent also the Southern Smoke Direct 9a/9a+ there.

But letʼs stop writing about climbing because this list would be endless. Adam graduated from the Matyáš Lerch High School in Brno. He speaks Englich, Italian and Spanish, so he is winning recognition not only in those climbing communities. He is a hard worker. Four-phase daily training, travels all over the world, university studies and constant pressure motivate him to move his limits more and more forward.


  • Martin Krpan 9a, Osp, PP (2006), ascent of the year (at the age of thirteen)   
  • Change 9b+, PP (2012), first ascent of his own new route at Flatanger, Norway
  • La Dura Dura 9b+, first ascent
  • Vasil Vasil 9b+, Moravian Karst, first ascent, the hardest route in the Czech Republic
  • La Capella, 9b, first ascent
  • Caxiraxi, 9b, first ascent
  • Stoking the fire 9b, Spain, Santa Linya, first repetition
  • Chilam Balam, 9b, first repetition
  • Planta de Shiva, 9b, first ascent, ascent of the year by the Czech Mount. Federation
  • Red River Gorge: Southern Smoke Direct – first ascent of the 9a/9a+ route using flash style
  • Red River Gorge: Pure Imagination (9a) and Golden Ticket (9a), on sight, but reclassified to 8c+ by Adam after the ascent


  • 2009 winner of the World Cup in difficulty climbing, vice-champion of the world in difficulty climbing
  • 2010 winner of the World Cup in bouldering, vice-champion of Europe and the world in bouldering and difficulty climbing
  • 2011 vice-champion of the world in bouldering, third in difficulty climbing, world champion in combination (bouldering, difficulty climbing, speed climbing), several times winner of Rock Master in Duel
  • 2012 third in difficulty climbing in the world championship
  • winner of the Mejcup bouldering contests in 2006-2009, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • 2014 world champion in bouldering, Munich
  • 2014 world champion in difficulty climbing, Gijón
  • 2015 two-time vice-champion of Europe in difficulty climbing and bouldering
  •  2015 winner of the World Cup in difficulty climbing and in combination, third place in bouldering
  •  2015 winner of Rock Master in Duel for the second time


  • 2008 Salewa Rock Award
  • 2010 Salewa Rock Award
  • 2010 first place in the Climber of the Year 2010 poll
  • 2011 Salewa Rock Award
  • 2011 first place in the Climber of the Year 2011 poll
  • 2012 first place in the Climber of the Year 2012 poll
  • 2013 Salewa Rock Award
  • 2013 first place in the Climber of the Year 2013 poll
  • 2014 Athlete of the Month, August 2014 (worldwide poll by IWGA)
  • 2014 first place in the Climber of the Year 2014 poll
  • 2014 Athlete of the Year 2014 (worldwide poll by IWGA)
  • 2015 Sportsperson of the South Moravian Region 2014
  • 2015 La Sportiva Competition Award 2015 – Arco Rock Legends
  • 2015 first place in the Climber of the Year 2015 poll for climbing Chromozome Y and Jade, two second places in the European Championship 2015
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