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Andy Houseman


Andy Houseman



How did you started climbing?

I first started bouldering on my local crag, Brimham Rocks.

How old were you when you started?


What kind of climbing you prefer?

Alpine climbing.

Your favorite area?

Chamonix – it‘s busy but theres so much to do!

Your strongest climbing experience

Probably the Slovak Direct on Denail.  The climbing was amazing on the first half and then we got pinned down in a storm at 5500m.  It was a pretty full on experiance not knowing if the storm was going to clear and that the only option to get off the mountain was to climb up and over.

What do you think is your best climbing success?

Still enjoying every minute of it!

Your best results in climbing competiton?

Never done any.

What would you like to reveal about yourself?

I have a love for red wine!

Free time?

Climb, bike, run, ski and red wine ;-)

What training?

Most my training is based around just trying to keep my general fitness good.  I don’t do any specific training programms (I probably should!) but just get out on the road bike, out running and down to the climbing wall as much as possible.

How is Your training day?

Depends on how much energy I’ve got left after finishing work at 6 or 7pm!  I usually alternate getting out for a run or on the bike with a session at the climbing wall.

Your Idol?

I was really inspired reading about the likes of Alex MacIntyre, Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker.  Then theres Mick Fowler for having a full time job and getting so much done!

Plans for the future?

2014 is going to be a quiet year for me expedition wise but plans are forming for next year, watch this space...

Something about yourself?

I work in my families haulage company and have a HGV (truck) licence, not what most people expect from a mountaineer!


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