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Borna Čujić

Borna Čujić


How did you started climbing?
My dad introduced me into climbing.

How old were you when you started?
About 8 years.

What kind of climbing you prefer?
Shorter, bouldery lead routes.

Your favorite area ?
Kompanj, Osp

Your strongest climbing experience
World championship in Canada

What do you think is your best climbing success?

8c lead route Strelovod, and 15th place on World Championship in Canada in lead

Your best results in climbing competiton?
15th place on World Championship in Canada in lead and 4th place in European championship in Gemozac in Speed

Free time?
Computer games, hanging out with friends

What training?

How is Your training day?

I train 5 times a week, mostly on boulders.  I warm up, then climb about 1 and a half hours of boulder problems, then I do some excercises for 30 minutes, then running 10-15 mins and stretching.

Plans for the future?

Train more, climb 9a and have better results on competitions.            

Something about yourself?
Good climber, excellent stundent and good computer gamer.

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