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Cosmin Andron


Cosmin Andron


Currently in Cluj, Romania but I have lived in the UK, Republic of Ireland, People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong.

How did you started climbing?

I began climbing in 1989 near my home town (Baia Mare) located in a valley in the Carpathians, in the North of Transylvania (Romania). Neither I nor my partners had much knowledge of what we were doing: we used to climb in big boots and with home made ropes tied around our waists, much like in early 1950?s everywhere else.

How old were you when you started?


What kind of climbing you prefer?

I am tempted to say alpine but I feel the happiest if I can practice all disciplines.

Your favorite area?

Wherever my current project takes me.

Your strongest climbing experience?

Alone on the Cassin route on Denali in 2010  - so much going on in my head prior and during the climb that the experience itself seemed to last a lifetime.

What do you think is your best climbing success?

That I am still doing it 25 years later....

Your best results in climbing competiton?

If alpinism were a competition (thank heavens it isn‘t) I already lost hope one month even before I was born as Ueli Steck is one month older. In sport climbing and ice climbing I always had mediocre results ranking wise but they were “my best”..

What would you like to reveal about yourself?

When drawing up plans I am a romantic – when I try to put them in practice I become a fierce pragmatist.

Free time?

For the last four years I was extremely lucky to be able to blur the lines between work (guiding) and free time (climbing, skiing). My family however would deserve some more of it though.

What training?

I am hopelessly undisciplined alternating between a structured training schedule for a few months then random climbing for a few other.

How is Your training day?

If it’s a good day, in the mountains – if it’s a bad day, on plastic.

Your Idol?

I am beyond the age of having idols but there were people who inspired me when I was younger and who inspire me now. In the first category is Patrick Berhault. In the latter is Marko Prezelj.

Plans for the future?

For 2014: Garhwal


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