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Daniel Joll


Daniel Joll


New Zealand

How did you started climbing?

Originally rock climbing and hiking then mountain climbing

How old were you when you started?


What kind of climbing you prefer?

Long alpine technicle routes, on rock or ice

Your favorite area?

Patagonia and the Darran Mountains in NZ

Your strongest climbing experience?

A new route on the South Face of Saber in winter, it was the second winter route on the face and the first in over 20 years.  Previously all 5 prior ascents were via the one route and took over three days.  We completed the new line in a 24 hour round trip, conditions on the day ment we had to negotiate very dangerous avalance terrain on the approach and on route.  

What do you think is your best climbing success?   

Most likely a winter onsight ascent of the Direct North Colouir on Les Dres M8 and perhaps the First ascent of the South Face of Mt Marian 1000m 6c (Darran Mountains NZ)

Your best results in climbing competiton?

Never competed

What would you like to reveal about yourself?  

Motivated to bring about in increase in alpinism in NZ through organising thinks like the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing festival and through my work with the NZ Alpine Team

Free time?

Climbing, Music (playing guitar)

What training?

Typically i aim for 5 cardio sessions and four climbing sessions per week.  For cardio i mostly focus on vertical gain doing hill running or walking.  For the climbing i usually focus on what is in season rock climbing, bouldering dry tooling etc.  I also try to do one counter cycle trip each season i.e. ice climbing trip in the NZ summer and Rock climbing trips in the NZ winter to maintain an even skill base

How is Your training day?  

Usually 1-2 hours cardio then climbing outdoors if the weather is good.  I live close to several good bouldering, rock climbing and in winter mixed climbing venues.

Your Idol?

Ulie Steck and Cassoroto

Plans for the future?  

More expeditions and work with our mentoring programme in the NZ Alpine Team we have Patagonia Nov 2014, Canada ice climbing Jan 2015, Yosemite June 2015, Patagonia Nov 2015 along with several first ascent goals in NZ.

Something about yourself?

I will become a father in Feb 2015.


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