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DynaProt 10 Y short

DynaProt 10, the dynamic sling, is made of a dynamic rope and is therefore capable of absorbing the energy of a dynamic fall and to dampen this fall thanks to its elon-gation. DynaProt 10 has been tested with fall factors 1 and 2. It is able to arrest nine falls with a fall factor of 2. Even with a fall factor of 2, the impact force is lower than the maximum force permitted by EN 892.

DynaProt 10 Y short:

length 45 and 75 cm – DP100YS000

Fall factor 1:
static tenacity (kN) ... 22
impact force (kN) ... 7,4
number of falls ... min. 20
Fall factor 2:
static tenacit (kN) ... 22
impact force (kN) ... 10,7
number of falls ... 9
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Technical data

CE 1019 yes
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