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Faith Dickey


Faith Dickey, age 25


USA and Europe

How did you started slacklining?

I started slacklining in a park in my hometown of Austin, Texas. A year later I went to Europe to travel and met highliners and climbers, who introduced me to both sports. We formed a highline team that specializes in establishing new highlines, often involving hiking and climbing in order to set up the line.

How old were you when you started?


What kind of climbing/slacklining you prefer?

I love the sandstone climbing of Czech Republic. Climbing with knots demands focus and calm, much like highlining. My second favorite type of climbing is vertical, technical sport climbing. Crack climbing also has a special place in my heart! As far as slacklining goes, Highlining is my favorite type of balancing.

Your favorite area?

I love Ostrov, in Czech Republic the most of any place I've been. It is not the highest sandstone area in CZ but it is magical and I have many friends there, I also host the Womens Highline Meeting there every September. Other areas that I love and return to often are Yosemite (USA), Moab, and Joshua Tree. I hope to spend more time in the mountains this year.

Your strongest climbing/ highlinong experience?

In 2010 I crossed a 67m long highline and briefly shared the world record with men. It was the first time in Highlining that women and men had the same record. I fought hard for the crossing, and my motivation was purely personal, it was just an afterthought that it was a record. I've walked much longer lines by now, but that memory of fighting hard for something and not giving up still pushes me now.

What do you think is your best climbing/slacklining success?

My longest Highline is 105 meters in length, and it is by far my proudest achievement because it took almost 3 years to get past the 100m mark. I walked a 96.5 meter long highline two years ago in Ostrov, CZ, and while I was happy with my success I was just 3.5 meters short of my goal! In Spring of 2014 I traveled to Moab, Utah and focused on crossing the 105m long highline "Tree Bones" and after more than 25 attempts, I managed to cross it. I'm honored to be the first woman to reach the triple-digit mark in highline length!

Your best results in climbing/slacklining competition?

Female World Record Highline - 105m long
Female World Record Free Solo Highline - 28m long
Female World Record Highline walked in High Heels - 14m long
Most Female First Ascents, Most female highlines walked...

What would you like to reveal about yourself?

My method in highlining is to push myself past my limits every time. When Im totally exhausted and feel like I can't possibly try again, I always try one more time. My goal in the next year is to focus on more Alpine highline projects, where hiking, climbing and mountaineering are necessary for success.

Free time?

I play Ukulele, surf in California, draw or read.

How is You're training day?

I train by setting up long slacklines between trees, to train concentration and my body. Surfing and Climbing are also training for me.

Your Idol?

Lynn Hill, Jerry Miszewski

Plans for the future?

This Winter I hope to walk some BIG highlines in Moab, Utah, as well as establish new ones. I hope to do an expedition with my Somewhereelseland Team next year to a third world country to establish new highlines, and in Spring I hope to travel to the Sierra Mountains in USA with my Womens Highline Team G4G Project to do an Alpine Highline expedition.

Your favorite food?

Ice Cream, Výpečky, Salad

MyTENDON – my TENDON products?

I love my Master 8.9 Double ropes from Tendon. They are great for multi pitch climbing, and they are perfect for backups underneath the highline. The rope protectors are also useful for protecting static ropes that hang over edges, and they fit well on highlines to prevent rock abrasion.

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