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Follow Your Quest

What is Follow Your Quest?

Follow Your Quest is a challenge for all those who feel a taste to overcome their own limits. It doesn’t matter whether you make a six or a ten, what is important is the will or desire to leave the comfort zone and to try to realize a project that you have been dreaming of for a long time or that excites you but you were not able to cope with it yet. We leave it up to you to decide whether it is a route in a next higher level of difficulty or a first mountain route or another personal hell of yours.
It’s easy anyway. Just get going and make your quest. Write an article and add some pictures or make a video and send it to our address: FollowYourQuest@mytendon.com. You can nominate also other friends of yours who did not decide yet to join the challenge. 
Don’t forget that the result is just the icing on the cake. The process itself should bring you fun and motivate you to reach your goal successfully. Do not force yourself to anything that you really cannot bring off, it is a privilege of good warriors to be able to appraise their powers and to recognize their weak points. Finally, you are going to get the best out of yourself, not to fight against someone else. But your motivation can support other people. So have fun!
Based on the response, the most interesting (video) reports will be rewarded with a week trip to Flatanger (Norway), where you can also climb one day with Adam Ondra. The end of competition is on 19. 6. 2016.

How was the Follow Your Quest idea created?

4934I frequently met unexpected twists in form of serious injuries in the past. In spite of many doubts that I had, I remained devoted to my vision and different minor projects, such as yet unclimbed aid routes or challenging lines of some first ascents, motivated me all the time. In spite of limited physical abilities I continued training which made me ready for those quests. After making the Salve Walley route in the Moravian Karst, I decided to share my experience with other people who are doubtful about their abilities to make their dreams come true. I believe that the human will can be so strong that everyone can even get over nasty-looking injuries, and that the climbing process itself is connected not only with improvement of physical powers but also with development of psychic and mental qualities. Follow Your Quest is to be just a simple form of motivation for everyone and an inspiration for the choice of additional personal goals.  

How should a report of your quest look like?

Explain us why did you choose the quest and what was your motivation. Describe the process of realization and let us share your experience. Do not forget to add some good pictures. Try to find another goal for the longer term, or nominate other people from your neighbourhood.

How should a video of your quest look like?

When making your video, you can capture your development within the quest and/or the ascent itself. Let us share your success, even the smallest one. Describe your feelings or motivation for the quest. Don’t be afraid to speak frankly. Don’t forget that a short but apt shot is sometimes more than a film of one hour. You may also send a message to other climbers.

Are you ready for your quest?

Should you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: FollowYourQuest@mytendon.com

And finally a motivation video from the above mentioned Salve Walley in the Moravian Karst:

Participants and nominations

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