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Intersec Dubai

From 17 to 19 January 2016, TENDON takes part in the INTERSEC Trade Fair in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The trade fair is focused in particular on equipment and accessories providing high level of safety for work at height or rescue operations.
15. 01. 2016

FYQ - Labak´s quest

I have been looking for goals incessantly. All my life. Within the past 20 years I have been devoting myself to rock climbing, the majority of my goals were focused on climbing.
11. 01. 2016

FYQ - Zevreila Horn

Vals. A small village in the heart of the mountains in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Only one road goes there. The distance to the nearest town is twenty kilometres.

10. 01. 2016

FYQ - Pik Lenina

Many people who climb always dreamed of climbing in high mountains. Some of them abandon this idea. Various excuses, different reasons.
08. 01. 2016

FYQ - Road to success to send 8b+

When I was a small boy, I went in for many sports, football, baseball, and in the end I started climbing. Me and my friend climbed every tree and everything climbable when being outdoors. I improved my climbing abilities gradually and started to set myself minor aims.
04. 01. 2016

FYQ - 1000

Everyone starts thinking of a different thing when hearing a mention of the number one thousand. Someone sees František Palacký on a Czech banknote, someone thinks of the metric system, another one visualizes two well-done steaks weighing half a kilo each.
16. 12. 2015

FYQ - Trip to Nepal

Probably every climber hungers for hills and mountains. If not, he or she appreciates them at least aesthetically. Although I always was a rock climbing fan, after reading books written by different Messners and Rakoncajs I changed my mind and the hunger for altitudes higher than those medium-sized became deeply rooted.
10. 12. 2015

FYQ - Franco Longo

Franco Longo has been going in for canyoning since the eighties. And as he says, every abseiling into a canyon is unique for him.  In addition, after removing the rope or jumping into the depth of the water mass there is no way back.
08. 12. 2015

Slovenian Choktoi expedition 2015

Four young alpinists from Slovenia spent one month on Choktoi glacier in Pakistan. Me and Martin Žumer had a goal to climb Ogre 2, but we didn't succed due to very hot temperatures, unstabel snow and rock falls. First we climbed to west top of Choktoi spire via west ridge. For acclimatization we slept on top at arround 5600 m.
21. 10. 2015
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