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Petra Pivoňková


Petra Pivonkova



How did you started climbing?

I always felt attracted to this sport but in the CR I never really got a chance to climb outdoor. After university I went on a longer vacation to Spain, started to climb and ended up living in the country.

How old were you when you started?

I didn't start until I was 26.  It is never too late though!:)

What kind of climbing you prefer?

Sport climbing for sure, Recently I have started to do more multipitches though and it really motivates me. One always needs to progress and move on in life doing new stuff...

Your favorite area ?

Rodellar, Siurana, Margalef ve Španělsku, Taghia v Maroku...
I can't say I've got one I like the best. I've got loads of favourite climbing areas! Rodellar, Margalef, Siurana would definitely be on the list...

Your strongest climbing experience?

Again the same thing. I remember many strong experiences but it is impossible to say which one was the strongest. Redpoints of seemingly impossible routes, unexpected onsights, my first multipitch climb in Riglos...

What do you think is your best climbing success?

Probably the redpoint of Cada loco con su pepito (Rodellar, 8a) in the second go. I really enjoy the tries which you don't expect anything from and just go on climbing focused and then all of a sudden you find yourself looking at the anchor.

Your best results in climbing competiton?

I don't compete. To me indoor gyms and competitions feel like a different discipline.

What would you like to reveal about yourself?

I think it was Lyn Hill who said that climbing is a kind of movement meditation and that is exactly how I feel about it. The sensation of being in the present moment which is hard to achieve by any other means..

Free time?

Climbing? :) Friends and family and anything I feel like at the moment.

What training?

In the winter I work in the ski resort and have little time to get on the rock so I kind of train - I go to climbing gym about 4 times a week. The rest of the year I climb almost every day. Now and then I go running and do yoga so I guess that is my training.

How is Your training day?

My normal training day is my normal climbing day. I wake up, do some work on the computer, some yoga or only stretching and then I go climbing. I usually do one easier line to warm up and then about 5 goes in the climb I am working on.

Your Idol?

Nobody in particular. All the climbers who have positive approach to what they do and you can see that even after years they love and appreciate every moment on the rock, climbers who climb for FUN, not for results.

Plans for the future?

As I have already mentioned I want to carry on progressing as a climber and always do new things in order to enjoy my climbing as I did on the first day. That is why now I feel attracted to multipitch and trad climbing and also getting to know new areas out of Europe.

Something about yourself?

It sounds like a cliché but climbing and people it goes along with changed my life completely: new values, new way of life, different perspectives. It made me realized, that all we are taught to like and wish to achieve since we are little kids, doesn't bring happiness to many of us. We all should choose our own way although sometimes it can be hard going against the stream...

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