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Rope Static 9 A - white

Thanks to the unique construction and the state-of-the-art technological finishing, the static rope offers a strength higher than 22 kN with a falling mass of 100 kg (in comparison with the standard falling mass of 80 kg for type B ropes). The strength of the rope with knots exceeds 15 kN for a period of 3 minutes without any damage to the core and the sheath (type B ropes are tested for 12 kN for a period of 3 minutes). This is an advantage which workers working at heights and rescue teams are eager for, because having a stronger rope in critical situations with full outfit and gear brings them to a higher standard.
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Available in colors
Available in lengths (m)
30 40 50 60 70 80 100 200

Technical data

number of falls (min.) 8
elongation (50-150 kg) (%) 2.8
used material PA
CE 1019 yes
rope diameter (mm) 9
shrinkage (%) 1.9
min. tenacity with knots (kN) 15
rope type A
EN 1891 yes
weight (g/m) 61
tenacity (kN) 30
NFPA 1983 2012 edition No
relative mass of sheat (%) 41
sheat slippage (mm) 0
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