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Rope Tendon Ambition 10.2 - blue

A dynamic rope with an excellent specification and great designs. Maximum user convenience is achieved by the combination of high suppleness, good knotability, strength and toughness. The right choice for all those who are regular climbing enthusiasts.
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Available in colors
blue yellow
Available editing
Standard Protect shield Complete shield
Available in lengths (m)
30 40 50 60 70 80 100 200

Technical data

sheath slippage (%) 0.1
CE 1019 yes
rope diameter (mm) 10.2
number of UIAA falls min 12
number of UIAA falls max 13
max. impact force (kN) 7.1
static elongation (%) 6.1
dynamic elongation (%) 36
knotability 0.8
EN 892 yes
weight (g/m) 67
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