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Rope Tendon Master 8.9 - green

An exceptional universal single, half and twin rope in one, with a low weight and the Complete Shield finish will arouse enthusiasm in you and will become an exquisite partner to the most exacting of you. A complete double impregnation increases its life span and its resistance to moisture, abrasion and penetration of impurities into the rope. Due to the very good handling
properties of the rope and the minimum friction in progression belaying, the rope will be your ideal ally in climbing long sport routes. You will surely appreciate its qualities also in a combined mountain terrain of rocks, ice and glaciers.

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Available in colors
green red
Available editing
Complete shield
Available in lengths (m)
30 40 50 60 70 80 100 200

Technical data

sheath slippage (%) 0
CE 1019 yes
rope diameter (mm) 8.9
number of UIAA falls min 5
max. impact force (kN) 8.7
static elongation (%) 6.9
dynamic elongation (%) 33
knotability 0.8
EN 892 yes
weight (g/m) 52
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