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SECURE technology

The single dynamic rope Hattrick 10.2 is perfectly adapted to the needs of all sportsmen and climbers – from beginners to professionals. The parameters of the rope are adjusted so as to lend excellent flexibility, compactness and especially resistance to the rope. Its another merit is easy tying and untying of knots. An important benefit of the rope is its strong sheath with excellent abrasion resistance. The rope does not become hard and may be used with the majority of belaying devices available on the market.

The static rope Secure with a diameter of 11 mm is intended for applications where the sheath and the core may suffer damage. The rope is designed for rescue activities, handling of objects, and work at height and above free depth. The rope meets the most demanding requirements of rescuers, firefighters, height specialists and other professionals who require the highest quality in everyday use.

A real masterpiece is the floating canyoning rope Salamander. With a diameter of 10.2 millimetres it has an excellent knotability even after repeated wetting, retains its softness and improved resistance – properties that predeterminate the rope to be used especially in canyoning to where it belongs primarily. Salamander is a lightweight rope which keeps its user-friendly properties for a long time thanks to its construction. The construction and materials used assist in minimizing the shrinkage of the rope in a wet environment. Salamander has a thicker and coarser sheath and floats on water. It is a static rope which is characterized by minimum elongation as a result of the production technology used. In order to facilitate the rope identification even under difficult conditions prevailing in deep and dark canyons, it is made in a distinctive combination of colours. The series is completed with a 6 mm thick accessory cord Elite, a robust product with zero sheath slippage. A strong product with simple universal use. This accessory cord for mountaineering is a useful helper for vertical adventures, rescue activities and self-belaying, but its use is almost unlimited.

Ropes belonging to the Elite series have unique properties that differentiate them from similar ropes in their categories:

The new ropes and cords are being produced by a special patented technology the primary objective of which is to increase safety of users when using the ropes. SAFETY is the main merit of the ropes which have an ambition of becoming the most demanded ropes in their categories on the world outdoor market. The technology used prevents the ropes from breaking completely even after failure of the sheath and gives the user time to escape the dangerous situation quickly.

The dynamic rope Hattrick 10.2 consists of 4 layers, which is a typical feature of our new product – a parallel core together with a braided core, a braided intermediate sheath, and finally the only visible layer – a braided SBS sheath. The Used material in all four layers is polyamide which has a special form in case of the intermediate sheath – staple fibres. The result of the combination of layers and the special material form is an increased high RESISTANCE of the whole product, well-balanced parameters, and very pleasant HANDLING of the rope. The rope holds its circular shape during use, therefore it goes easily through different belaying devices, and the technology used eliminates the sheath slippage significantly. Both the material and the technology contribute to the increased mechanical resistance of the rope as a whole. The rope will be available with standard finish and with teflonized finish called Protect Shield.

The static rope Secure consists, just like Hattrick, of 4 layers. Thanks to the unique sandwich-type construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibres, the rope is able to hold the suspended person or load even in case of considerably damaged sheath or core without a complete rupture of the rope and subsequent fall of the suspended person. As the name suggests, the canyoning rope Salamander is an amphibian. With a diameter of 10.2 millimetres it has an excellent knotability even after repeated wetting, retains its softness and improved resistance – properties that predeterminate the rope to be used not only in canyoning but also in other water sports. ELITE, the accessory cord, is a product with zero sheath slippage. Thanks to the technology used, the cord is able to withstand higher mechanical loads than common cords.

The entire group of Elite ropes is being manufactured in the Czech Republic by a patented technology named Secure. Thanks to this technology, the products are able to withstand higher mechanical loads and find their application especially in situations where a damage to or fraying of the sheath during use may occur.

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