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A wet rope increases its weight, its handling gets worse and the rope loses its strength and, consequently, its safety. The high resistance to water is important especially when climbing in winter when the rope is exposed to moisture as well as frost. A rope without impregnation freezes up and may become unsuitable for further use.

A time-tested solution in the field of rope impregnation is TEFLON®ECO. It represents a new generation of a polymer which shows high stability under extreme conditions – resistance to direct sunlight and direct action of water. TEFLON®ECO is a special water-repellent polymer on the basis of fluorinated polyacrylate which is able to encapsulate the rope structure hermetically and to prevent water molecules from penetrating into the inner structure of the rope. The ropes are protected with a very flexible organic resin based on organic fluorinated polymers and the resulting protective film of fluorinated alkyl substituents reduces the surface energy of the textile material so much that it not only repels water, but fatty substances as well. The result of application of this polymer to the TENDON ropes is reinforcement and fixation of structure of twisted yarn and increase of abrasion resistance. Our motivation for selection of this particular impregnation is its considerable affinity to synthetic fibres and high resistance to water. Application of TEFLON®ECO to the models of TENDON ropes brings higher utility value, longer life span of the rope and, as a consequence, a higher degree of safety for the climbers.

The sheath of every dynamic rope of the TENDON brand is treated with a basic impregnation which significantly increases its resistance to moisture penetration. The impregnation solution is applied to each fibre of the sheath year in the production process so that a resistant layer protecting each single fibre is formed. Then the fibres are combined to make a compact sheath which prolongs the life span of the rope.
The complete impregnation of TENDON ropes, named Complete Shield, is a combination of the water-repellent finishing of individual fibres of both the core and the sheath. The surface finish of all fibres contributes to lower friction inside the rope when under load, which prolongs its life span considerably.

Thanks to the minimum absorption of water, the rope neither increases its weight nor freezes up in winter. The layer of TEFLON®ECO lends above-standard utility properties to TENDON ropes, especially in moist and rough environments. Both laboratory tests and the experience of our ambassadors and athletes have shown that, thanks to this technology, TENDON ropes are able to boast of better water-proofing and abrasion-proofing parameters when compared to other products. TENDON ropes show minimum humidity absorption and maximum resistance to wear. As a consequence their service life and the safety of climbers are improved.
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