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Tendon CUP 2010

On Saturday the 19th June, the H-TEAM Pardubice Mountaineering Club organized the third round of the Bohemian part of the Tendon CUP 2010 on the wall of H-centrum. Due to the date and due to the nice weather, “only” 75 children (40 boys and 35 girls) arrived there to take part in the contest. A big thank you shall be said to all the participants, especially the two largest groups of contestants, namely Yetti Trutnov and Baby Spiders from Liberec.

At nine o’clock, the first contests organized by our club at Pardubice started with pre-climbing the contest routes. There were seven qualification routes prepared for eight categories of climbers to prove the skills of all contestants. The last qualification was finished shortly before one o’clock, so all the contestants had time enough for lunch and ice cream as well as to draw new strength before the final routes.

Isolation was closed before two o’clock and the finals started a few minutes after two o’clock. All qualification routes and the subsequent final routes sorted out the contestants very clearly, there was not a single place to be shared by two contestants. Only in the youngest category of boys there were three climbers who shared the fourth place and the two best climbers crossed swords in the superfinals. The last climber finished four minutes after four o’clock and some ten minutes later the finalists were decorated.

We congratulate all contestants for their performance, we thank the audience for supporting the climbers and for accommodation towards organizers. I hope that all, or at least the majority, enjoyed the contest, were satisfied with organization of the contest, and forgive us our slips, if any. I hope we will be able to invite you to the climbing contest at Pardubice next year again.

Tomáš Miřejovský

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