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TENDON Rope Groups


The absolute top of the line of our collection – extremely light-weight ropes with a small diameter, intended for daily use on artificial climbing walls, for the toughest sport climbs, and for extreme ascents in the mountains. The latest technologies and experience of our development team were used for their production.

TEFLON® is used for impregnating the sheath and/or the core of the rope using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY method. Selected ropes are then fitted with SBS sheath construction.

MASTER ropes are intended for all extreme climbers and demanding users.


The most popular ropes in our collection. Outstanding technical parameters, excellent handling and versatility predispose these ropes for frequent use for rock and mountain climbing.

Applying TEFLON® using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY method makes the absolute top-of-the-line impregnated ropes. Selected models of ropes are equipped with SBS or Bicolour sheath construction which increases the utility properties of the product.

AMBITION ropes are intended for all climbers who want to keep getting better and who enjoy climbing.


These are the most durable ropes in our collection. Their outstanding durability, long service life and high number of falls are properties making these the ideal ropes for use in rope climbing centers, mountain climbing schools, and rescue training.

TEFLON® is used for impregnating the sheath and/or the core and is applied using the revolutionary TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY method.

TRUST ropes are intended for professionals who demand maximum safety and service life.


The top indoor ropes are specially developed and tested for climbing on artificial walls and for top rope belaying. Robust sheath, practical and easy identifiable rope design, long life, excellent handling are the specific parameters of ropes for indoor climbing.


Ropes and accessory cords which are made of specially adjusted polyamide which gives them absolutely unique user qualities.

Both ropes and cords feature an excellent “soft” handling which evokes a return to classical natural materials (cotton etc.), increased resistance to heating during quick rappels, excellent resistance to abrasion, and easy tying of knots.

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