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TeNOTE - an innovative and mobile approach to identification, marking and registration of working and mountaineering ropes

The innovatively captured NFC technology (Near Field Communication, ISO/IEC 14443) offers new and unthought-of services and brings the user comfort to a quite new level in form of a small chip. This modern and trendy technology, supported by many technological leaders in the world, requires only an NFC-supporting device for communication. No single-purpose devices, no unnecessary investments, Tendon offers a solution for the most frequently used communication device – the mobile phone. The same services that can be used via the NFC are available via the Internet. From your personal computer, notebook, netbook, mobile phone, tablet, from an Internet café, from anywhere.

TeNOTE is a part of any ordinary rope and will be applied there free of charge – this innovation will influence the entire target group of users of both dynamic and static ropes.

The submitted innovative and modern conception of well-established technologies gives our clients a clear technological margin. The own administration of the dedicated data area (up to 3600 characters of record area for keeping a climbing diary, for instance), transparent information about the product, and a sophisticated tool for revision of working ropes are offered to you by Tendon only.

Integration of the NFC chip into the ropes it the first step only, because a similar chip may be installed in any other fibre or plastic product for mountain climbers – the sportsman has then a clear knowledge of the equipment used by him, its age, condition, history. All done to increase the climber’s safety.

Every rope and every chip have a unique numerical code which contains the main information about the rope. After bringing a mobile phone with the NFC technology nearer to the rope, the user may receive the information contained in the chip without the necessity of connection to the network or may add any additional important information via the network. The new owner of the rope may register it via the Internet.

Naturally, we guarantee the updating of changes in the records that are made by the usual way via the Internet or the NFC technology.

As to the fear for service life, Tendon has solved all for you – the chip needs no power source and resists to the normal ways of use of the ropes.

Mountaineering is not a sport in which only the stronger or the faster win. Rope is a part of the climber’s body but also a part of the climber’s soul. If there is a possibility of increasing the feeling of safety and security, TeNOTE brings it surely. All you need to do is registration on www.mytendon.com and the ropes will start to communicate with you.

A simple, quick and effective solution.

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