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The Secure Technology

Ropes made with this technology consist of 4 layers (a typical feature of our new products): a parallel core together with a braided core, a braided intermediate sheath, and finally the only visible layer, a braided SBS sheath. The material used in all four layers is polyamide which has a special form in case of the intermediate sheath – staple fibres. (Rephrase – not clear: The result of the combination of layers and material forms is an increased high RESISTANCE of the products, well-balanced parameters, and very pleasant HANDLING of the ropes. ) The ropes maintain during use their original shape being easily operaded with a variety of belaying devices. The technology used eliminates significantly the sheath slippage. Both the material and the technology contribute to the increased mechanical resistance of the rope as a whole. The ropes are available with standard finish and with teflonized finish called on the market: Protect Shield.

The parameters of the ropes are adjusted so as to provide excellent flexibility, compactness and durability. Another merit is noticed on the easy tying and untying of knots. (I deleted the sentence as it repeats the idea) The ropes do not become hard and are easily used with the majority of belaying devices available on the market.

Thanks to the unique sandwich-type construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibres, the static ropes are able to hold the suspended load even in case of considerably damaged sheath or core without a complete failure of the rope.

The same technology is employed in the production of Salamander, a floating canyoning rope which has an excellent knotability even after repeated use in wet environments and retains its softness and improved water – resistance. Salamander is a lightweight rope which, thanks to its construction, keeps its user-friendly properties for a long time while the materials used assist in minimizing the shrinkage of the rope in a wet environment.

Sectional view of the Hattrick 10.2 rope


Sectional view of the Hattrick 9.7 rope


Sectional view of the Secure rope


Sectional view of the Salamander rope

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