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Three new ropes for 2017

One year has passed away and the OUTDOOR trade fair in Friedrichshafen is here again, the event which all outdoor fans are boundlessly looking forward to. They walk from one exposition to another one at a relentless rate just to find out that they really need a completely new gear because it is impossible to live without all those new gadgets. This will cost a bomb again!              

Finally, they all get to TENDON where they are greeted by Adam Ondra who sends them symbolically to a black wall where four rope hanks levitate.


If you are a sport climber and you like small diameters of ropes but you are not satisfied with their life spans, your problems are gone with Master PRO. With a small diameter of 9.2 mm, the rope withstands as many falls as the 9.9 mm rope and the improved SBS sheath enhances its abrasion resistance. Our development engineers have also put a lot effort into the softness of the rope that you will become fond of in a trice and you will not want to change it. 

Diameter [mm] 9.2
Weight [g] 58
Number of UIAA falls 9
Max. impact force [kN] 9.1
Sheath slippage [%] 0.3
Static elongation [%] 6.1
Dynamic elongation [%] 31



Just imagine the lightest rope in the world which takes almost no space in the backpack and helps you to overcome all difficulties and dangerous situations in the mountains. And this is exactly what Master 7 mm is. With it, you can climb up a rock step, rappel down to a couloir, get over glacier cracks or save important grams on heavy sport multipitch climbing routes. It is literally the lightest choice for extreme climbers, ski alpinists, freeriding, glacier hiking or just getting over short climbing sections in the mountains.

Diameter [mm] 7
Weight [g] 34
Number of UIAA falls 14
Max. impact force [kN] 8.9
Sheat slippage [%] 0
Static elongation [%] 3.6
Dynamic elongation [%] 33



New polyamide rope with a smaller diameter of 9 mm has a teflon finish in comparison with the other types, which increases its water and abrasion resistance considerably. The highly visible colour guarantees that the user has under control any situation where bad conditions prevail. The rope is flexible and retains its softness even after a long period of use. CANYON EXPERT 9.0 will be appreciated especially by experienced canyoneers who strive for a quick and smooth advancement above all and who care about every gram of load. 

Diameter [mm] 9
Weight [g] 59
Number of UIAA falls (min.) 16
Relative mass of sheath [%] 44
Sheath slippage [mm] 0.2
Elongation [50 - 150 kg] 3.6
Shrinkage [%] 1
Tenacity [kN] 30
Mini. tenacity with knots [kN] 18.4
Material PA


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