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We help to protect the environment. Each manufacturer in the world has an effect on the environment to some extent by its activity, the environment in which not just we, our children and our friends live but also other organisms – animals and plants. To sustain these unique natural riches, it is necessary that all economic subjects contribute by a more responsible approach to sustain our Blue Planet for future generations to come.

We cannot just take, we also have to give.” And also we try to adhere to this approach – therefore all of our customers can return their old and damaged ropes to us and we will ensure a completely free of charge recycling of the ropes at our costs. It is maybe pointless to mention here that all packaging of our ropes are made of 100% recyclable PE.

Informative labels on ropes as well as the coils on which our ropes are wound are made of polypropylene which can also be fully ecologically processed. The coils themselves are returnable and we reuse them to pack new ropes. And finally, the instructions for all of our ropes are made from paper and this, of course, is also completely recyclable.

We are glad that we can help and contribute to sustain a quality environment by our approach – for ourselves and our children. Try it with us.


EOCASince 2012 we have been members of EOCA – an organization established in 2006 as a not-for-profit organization of the European Outdoor Group (EOG). Its activity consists not only in preservation of nature and devastated landscape, but also in education in the field of elimination of adverse effects of production of outdoor goods on the environment.

For the planetMany years ago, we had decided to take an active part in the preservation of the environment and to assist in sustaining nature for future generations, not only for lovers of outdoor activities. Because we are cooperating with real professionals only, our products and packagings possess excellent utility and technical properties with high added value and minimum impact on the environment. We have the honour of cooperating with partners who deliver Bluesign® certified products and materials. Bluesign® guarantees that the product is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

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