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Care of ropes

Cleaning, maintenance, influence of chemicals and disinfection of ropes

Contaminated ropes may be washed manually in lukewarm water with a temperature not exceeding 30 °C (86 °F). For better effect, TENDON ROPE CLEANER can be used. After that, flush the ropes thoroughly with clean water and let them dry in a dry shady place. Dynamic ropes shall not be allowed to come into contact with any chemicals. Do not use a rope contaminated with a chemical substance any longer. The rope damage is mostly not evident to the naked eye. For disinfection of dynamic ropes, use a weak 1% solution of potassium permanganate or MIRAZYME.

Adverse effects on the life span of dynamic ropes (influence of moisture and ice)

A wet or frozen rope has significantly reduced dynamic properties and strength, most notably its strength in knots drops. Rubbing against rock, karabiners or other sharp edges is the most frequent way of mechanical damage.
Dust penetrating into the rope structure in the presence of moisture causes slow wear of the rope. Rubbing and subsequent thermal effects during rappelling and lowering may damage the rope sheath and reduce its strength and life span. If possible, always use a cover for the rope. (rope bag
or rope tarp)

Influence of storage and influence of use ageing

Dynamic ropes shall not be stored close to heat radiators and other heat sources as well as in direct sunlight (THIS APPLIES TO SHOP WINDOWS ALSO). Storage room humidity and temperature should be about 60% and 25 °C, respectively (recommended values). Dynamic ropes shall not be allowed to come into contact with any chemicals (such as organic chemicals, oils, acids) or their vapours. If they come into contact with the above chemicals, do not use them any longer. Do not use ropes marked with an unknown adhesive tape (except tapes recommended by the manufacturer).

Rope inspection

Examine the rope visually and by touch after every climbing day, after every heavier fall, after every climbing activity if you use crampons and ice- axe. In case the dynamic rope is being used for construction works at height or rescue activities, it has to be examined by a competent person authorized by the manufacturer at least once every twelve months. The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any accident which was caused by the use of a damaged rope which was to be withdrawn from use. Ropes withdrawn from use must be marked or deteriorated in a way which will guarantee that further use of the ropes will be made impossible.

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