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Our brand


“We build our brand on values we ourselves believe in. We will be glad if people use our products with pleasure and return to our brand because of shared values.” 


Our objective is the establishment of long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers to whom we are always trying to offer the optimum solutions for their needs. We offer world-class products,and the process enables us to increase the value of the Tendon brand continuously. Achieving this position is supported by our individual approach to every single customer and building of new directions in the field of product development. All products are the result of well thought-out planning and preparatory works. We always keep our promises and our words are in agreement with our actions. Our activities are based on high-quality and time-tested procedures of work and fair approach to anything we do.


Our goal is the Tendon brand to be synonymous with

  • customer safety and comfort first · top quality without compromise
  • deep understanding of customer needs, listening to market challenges, prompt reaction to their demands
  • in-house technological development together with state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures
  • prompt delivery
  • perfect servicing
  • real involvement in ecology and environment protection

Our vision is to be a brand which considerably differs from competitors and surpasses them in approach, services, and care. We do anything to make the Tendon brand an international brand of quality, safety and reliability. We want to have satisfied customers who use our products for a long time, repeatedly, and who recommend them to the others. We know that the image and the name of a brand acquire the real value only at the moment when good work can be seen behind them.


Tendon promotes active mountaineering which is not only a sport, philosophy or life style, but in addition represents the unrestrained forces of nature that stream across all senses of anyone who wants to know oneself through mountain climbing.
Tendon is not satisfied with standard solutions but tries to find the best solutions – we continue improving reliability and functionality of equipment for mountaineering, works at height as well as professional work of rescue teams.
Tendon does not stick in one place and does not only monitor technological development, but is an active part of research and development in the field of mountaineering, work at height and (unclear over free depth), rescue activities, and work of height specialists.

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