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TENDON DynaProt 10 Y short

Code: DP100YS000

TENDON DynaProt 10 Y short
CE - symbol of compliance
CE - symbol of compliance
This symbol confirms that the product meets safety requirements specified in the relevant Europen regulations. The number following symbol (e.g. CE1019) is number of notified body which performs checking of production: VVUÚ, a.s., Pikartská 1337/7, 71607 Ostrava- Radvanice, Czech Republic.
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DynaProt 10, the dynamic sling, is made of a dynamic rope and is therefore capable of absorbing the energy of a dynamic fall and to dampen this fall thanks to its elon-gation. DynaProt 10 has been tested with fall factors 1 and 2. It is able to arrest nine falls with a fall factor of 2. Even with a fall factor of 2, the impact force is lower than the maximum force permitted by EN 892.

DynaProt 10 Y short:

length 45 and 75 cm – DP100YS000

Fall factor 1:

static tenacity (kN) ... 22

impact force (kN) ... 7,4

number of falls ... min. 20

Fall factor 2:

static tenacit (kN) ... 22

impact force (kN) ... 10,7

number of falls ... 9


CE 1019 yes
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