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Tendon Academy

TENDON academy is our in which we would like to educate the public about the technologies and models of our ropes.

These are workshops taking place on selected climbing walls.The aim of our workshop is to bring the public closer to the way we make our ropes, which technology we use for each model so that everyone can choose the rope that fits him the most for his climbing. At the workshop we also always have all the rope models that are free to test all day. At the same time we discuss the basics of proper climbing to avoid possible mistakes.

We are very proud of this project that we are gladly welcomed by you.

You can also find out more about us and our project in 2019: -  there is also an interview with Denis Pail, with whom we collaborated on the project that year.

NEXT STOPS: For more information chek our Facebook page.

11. 1. 2024 - Ostrava -  TENDON HLUBINA

30. 1. 2024 - Brno - HUDY 

4. 2. 2024 - Zlín - VERTIKON

19. 2. 2024 -  Praha - JUNGLE

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