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How TENDON ropes are made

You can imagine how to make climbing shoes, jacket or harness. But do you know anything about the climbing rope

What is it made of, how to braid it, why is it flexible, how do we impregnate and test it? And what will you say if the best climber in the world shows it clearly and explains it to you – Adam Ondra as a guy in work trousers with a huge mustache and afro hair cut from the 1970s ✌️

Petr Pavlíček (Film)
Jan Haráč and Petr Pavlíček (Script)

If you are interested in the rope from the video, check the Lowe 9.7. Adam Ondra climbed with this rope Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley. Lowe 9.7 is the most favorite rope of Adam for big wall climbing.

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