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Master PRO 9.2 wins prestigious award


Every year, the American magazine Outside prepares a ranking of the best outdoor equipment for climbers and this year our Tendon Master PRO 9.2 rope was among the winning products, winning the award for the best skinny rope in the climbing section.

The magazine's editor said of the rope: “I was impressed with the rope’s out-of-box performance. I literally took the rope out of its package, flaked it once on my living room floor, then packed it in a duffle bag and uncoiled it a second time at the base of Aguja Guillaumet in Patagonia. I experienced zero kinks or twists during the climb and rappels.”

The tester used the rope in alpine terrain and praised its light weight, durability and excellent handling even with thick gloves.“So far, the rope has held up admirably to both rock, ice (read: moisture), and has shown zero signs of wear,” he concluded. 

Read the full article here:

Photo by: Jan Haráč


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